Training in Soft Skills,

With the release and growth in the NDIS many professionals are choosing a training course in soft skills as well as in mentoring to help them with their team on the ground working outside their expertise in terms of challenging behaviour or cultural considerations never before encountered in the workplace.

This requires you as an individual or as team leader  to choose someone who has already achieved the level of expertise you want to reach. If you decide to choose me as your trainer / mentor, its because you are willing to face where your strengths and weaknesses lie, you are ready to set some achievable goals, you are wanting to start planning ahead. In a word you want change in the direction you are going in or in yourself.

As your trainer / mentor, I will take the time to get to know you, what you’re about, and help with the decisions surrounding which courses suit you or your team and  whether the need to get further training and development is required.

Discovering the Enneagram

For example, where you are on the Enneagram, and where you need to move to for change.

Training in the Advanced DISC: Emotional IQ

Where you are placed on the advanced DISC, all the while developing your emotional IQ, and adding to your skills arsenal, your people skills, and soft skills,  all strategic to  your success. In time, as your mentor, I will assist you  to arrive at considerable insight into what you need to do further to achieve your goals and help you to set out a plan in order to get you where you want to go.

THE TLDG APPROACH to Small Business Coaching and Consultancy and Creative B2B Tele – marketing,  Innovative Thinking.

The TLDG Approach to Business Development is to move you and your business forward! Engage in positive sharing of business ideas, talking over ideas with another creative thinker. Bouncing off ideas with another interested to listen and give their insight. Networking you with other like minded business people who have been where you want to get to. Considering how telemarketing can grow your business.

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