Patricia has Accreditation in The World’s Most Advanced Behavioral Assessment System. Patricia is a DISC ADVANCED® Accredited Consultant

So, what makes DISC ADVANCED® the best?
Why do Australian Business and all levels of Government choose DISC ADVANCED®? It’s simple, really – They want the latest and most advanced process available. Many of Australia’s most respected businesses, universities and all levels of government use DISC ADVANCED®

DISC ADVANCED® assessments are the World’s most advanced. With anything less, you get less results and restrictions on use in some work environments. There are many advantages with DISC ADVANCED® and it’s the choice when you want the best

The following are some indisputable facts

The DISC ADVANCED® Advantage
Factual Advantages to Consider about DISC ADVANCED® Assessments:

1. 103 Languages Available
 Enabling a respondent to answer the questionnaire in their native language results in a far more accurate assessment, as understanding the questions and word meaning is assured. Many Australians, whose native language is not English, can speak English fluently but can’t read English well. Most other assessment questionnaires are available only in English or perhaps just a few other languages

2. More Style Combinations Identified
Our assessments go much further than traditional DISC by identifying more styles. First of all, 44 base DISC styles are identified – most other DISC assessments give you between 4 and 16. Further, we then also identify Interrelated DISC Relationships. This provides a significantly more comprehensive understanding of someone’s complete behavioural style and is a dramatic improvement that provides a much deeper understanding of human behaviour

3. Reliability of Results
DISC ADVANCED® is difficult to cheat. There are mechanisms in the system that indicates unreliable results. Assessments can be, (and often are), answered by the respondent in the way they believe the employer would like them to answer

4. Action Plans 
All our assessments include extensive Action Plans so you get real results. More than just a report – they are a complete project within a report

5. Designed for the Workplace
Unlike other “personality tests”, our assessments were designed for the workplace from the ground up. The assessment measures both the subconscious “real self” and the conscious behavioral styles. This permits evaluation of the impact of the work environment and potential job pressures on the person

Be Proactive: Develop an Action Plan

The DISC ADVANCED® Advantage

What cost is involved in taking the DISC ADVANCED® Questionaire?
The cost is minimal in terms of what you will get out of it. You will receive an action plan.

Answer the DISC ADVANCED® questionnaire, and have the printout interpreted by Patricia to assist you to understand. The model provides a much deeper understanding of human behaviour.

The DISC ADVANCED® model is a tool for observing and analysing behaviour – not analysing an individual’s whole personality.it does not measure knowledge, skills or intelligence. None of the behavioural styles is better or worse. It is a powerful tool to assist with: self-awareness, leadership, sales training, coaching, mentoring, communication, recruitment….

Individual Assessment; Team Assessment; Pair Assessment; Leadership; Sales

  • Individual Assessments: 4 Profiles – Compliance, Dominance, Steadiness, Influence.
    Advanced Interrelated Behavioural Analysis
  • General Characteristics
  • General Workplace Dispositions
  • Behavioural Insights
  • Environmental Factors
  • Style Considerations
  • Trait Intensity and Perceptions
  • Reaction Modes
  • The Behavioural Chart
  • Communication
  • Application


I am a certified VET Trainer and holds Diplomas in TAE: TAE 50111 and TAE50112. As a skilled CERT IV TAFE Trainer these skills are employed in Personal and Team Coaching , Mentoring, and Facilitator in delivering Soft / Core skills: A list is provided on the Develop Page of the website. Have a read and make your selection from the list provided.

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