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TLDG Program Outline:

Personal & Professional Development: Soft/Core Skills Courses Available

Courses below are available face to face or online via Zoom. Learning to develop positive attributes to enable personal growth include learning more about the following SOFT SKILLS

  • Empathy
  • Proactive Approach
  • People skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Inclusive Teamwork: Recognising own and other people’s skills
  • Recognise own and other’s leadership styles
  • Personality traits
  • Creative thinking
  • Self organising
  • Personal Motivation
  • Procrastination

Service orientation courses personalised by one on one engagement includes the following courses:

  • People management
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Coordinating with others
  • Complex problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Judgement and decision-making
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Negotiation
  • Active listening
  • Advanced skills for the practical trainer
  • Anger management: understanding anger
  • Building better teams
  • Building relationships for success in sales
  • Building your self assertiveness and self esteem
  • Business etiquette
  • Call Centre training and successful b2b tele-marketing
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Small business strategies
  • Small business communication
  • Conflict resolution: Getting along with difficult people
  • Public speaking: overcoming your fear
  • Creative thinking and Innovation
  • Customer service training
  • Leadership training course (face to face group only).
  • Understanding and nurturing diversity in the workplace
  • Entrepreneurship


Learning the ‘how-to’ of employing SOFT / CORE SKILLS, supported by self-knowledge.

Target Audience: The private and the public lives of professional people wanting to get to know themselves better; to develop a better way to learn about others, and get along with them; and as a result lead a more peaceful, fulfilling personal/ work life.

Everyone knows the very basics that make up SOFT SKILLS.

As adults, our busy lives often block out our childhood training when soft skills such as saying, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. It was drilled into us by parents or others responsible for us. As a result of this loss, we lose the patience or the motivation to be mindful of ourselves and others.

Employing SOFT SKILLS has become a lost art. Previously known as  CORE SKILLS, they have come again to the fore and are on the agenda of trainers and corporates alike.

Not only employers require these skills to hold onto valuable employees, but overall, they are important attributes to display and are expected from Parliamentarians, Corporates, from Barristers to Baristas.


This opportunity for important Professional Development is particularly aimed at people who find that they or staff members are not moving on. Instead, they become  ‘stuck’ in their careers / personal growth. This stalemate, once recognised, allows them the opportunity to move in a different more positive direction, on to receiving a more positive outcome from all their hard work and professional training.

These are the people who will be most attracted to the TLDG APPROACH training. They may be aware they need more training but do not know which course or are fearful of even starting the process. 

They may have had difficulty gaining anything of real life-changing value from self-directed study. They may have found there is no opportunity for ‘downloading’, to find the answers to whatever it is that they identify as a ‘problem’. By ‘talking it over’ with a mindful listener, they can listen to what they think of themselves and finally arrive at the answer. TLDG provides personal mentoring in such a situation. Why not phone Patricia and talk it over. M. 0410318388. Talking F2F via Zoom is also an option.  

The TLDG APPROACH is to provide coaching and mentoring.

The TLDG APPROACH gives time to explore options available in ways that allow application being made to past work combined with personal experience and skills to bring about desired change. A phone call can help in your decision-making. Consider all the options first before making a decision. 

In other words, it’s not only the gaining of knowledge but identifying and applying a positive, practical application of soft skills to bring about change and value to the person, that makes the difference in future performance.

On the other hand, milestones signifying personal growth occur when each new difficult situation or learning experience encountered requires a different response – where it can be taken past the head-knowledge application to the heart-felt response stage. This can be bought about by simply applying learned SOFT/CORE SKILLS.

Acquiring head knowledge alone can make people ego-driven. It’s not talk but how do you do it and if you know how to instruct me how by what you do. In the workforce intelligent trained knowledge-based people who lack soft/core skills are unemployable. They do not know how to stand-under the learners in their team. They may be high-caliber trainers or overseers, but lack understanding.

But knowledge alone, passed on, does not necessarily generate a passion in the hearer to bring about clarity or change. Where no future vision ensues, the student becomes despondent. Hope of change is put on hold. Disappointment sets in. Despondent people remain stuck where they are. Over time disappointment hinders them, and procrastination can result.

Procrastination: the thief of time.

Acquiring SOFT/CORE SKILLS requires more than knowledge. The knowledge gained has to be walked, not just talked.

The true meaning of TEACHER is not someone with head knowledge but life skills that can be passed on to those willing to hear and learn how to do it. Skilled people in this field have developed a certain DISCERNMENT; they are MINDFUL; They LIVE IN THE PRESENT. They have developed a finely tuned, listening ear.

The development of SOFT/CORE SKILLS supported by knowledge comes about when what has been learned has expanded the learner’s range of INTERPERSONAL SKILLS such as problem-solving and collaboration; team work, recognising their own and others unique leadership skills; the need for other’s input for the SUCCESSFUL COLLABORATION  on a shared project, and so on.

Those people who have arrived at that place, where taking ownership for their own lack, have thoughtfully created the need in themselves to seek other team members input of additional skills and knowledge. For those with well-developed SOFT/CORE SKILLS, success will follow them in their career and personal life,


It has been said about certified training in Australia, it’s too prescriptive, that the ‘nature of training packages limits their ability to introduce new elements into training’. It’s also acknowledged that developing technical skills and knowledge relevant to disruptive technologies, without the equally important development of ‘generic’ or SOFT/CORE SKILLS, leads to a large percentage of people losing their place of employment.

SOFT/CORE SKILLS are essential for preparing workers to be flexible and to cope with the rapid changes in the future workplace as a result of disruptive technologies.

How is the TLDG APPROACH different?

It is not just another passive head-knowledge-dump of completing yet another certificate. Rather, this approach seeks to help the student to discover the gaps in the training they have already completed..

It delivers one-on-one personalised service FACE TO FACE OR ONLINE to the individual, team or group. It can also assist in finding the one certificate, say a Skill Set, coupled together with a newly developed set of SOFT SKILLS that can act as a stop-gap, to literally close the gap in getting ahead in their workplace.

The certified SOFT/ CORE SKILLS  COURSES are delivered online and via ZOOM by Patricia and where required other knowledgeable mature skilled trainers, who, depending upon the candidates needs, can either work ONE-ON-ONE, IN TEAMS OR GROUPS.

The request may come down from the top, or it may be any number of individuals who see the need in their workplace. Indeed, its anyone, wanting to EXPLORE YOUR FULL POTENTIAL.  Anyone wanting to CHANGE THE CULTURE of a less than enviable work environment. It may be wanting to GAIN PERSONAL DIRECTION to improve your future, or, at the very least, LEARN NEW WAYS OF UNDERSTANDING yourself or improve the way you work with others.

All service-orientation courses can be either:

a). Sold to individuals or in bulk

Courses can be completed by individual student / or groups

Those individuals or groups self directing their own learning and applying what they have learnt personally or as a team in the workplace.

– Individual / group certificate issued on registration and  receipt of payment and course materials. 

b). sold to and completed by individual student with added personalised application by Patricia, a certified trainer and in DISC, assisting them to learn and apply what they are learning to their personal situation. 

By interacting with Patricia, assisting them to learn and apply what they are learning to their personal or work situation. Individual certificate with TLDG authorisation and Patricia’s it signing off issued on completion.

c). Sold and completed by teams / groups in the work force with added personalised application by the in-house mentor.

Individual or group TLDG certificate with the linked Business issued on sale on completion.

Contact Patricia

The first 30 mins is on me while we decide if I have in my personal SOFT SKILLS  arsenal what you are looking for to fill the gap or, whether another TLDG skilled trainer can deliver what you want to you personally or your group situation.

We come to you

In-house training can be delivered to groups of any number. Travel and accommodation and personalised delivery are added costs to the courses. 

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