People attracted to me are people in change.  

I work mainly with those people in leadership positions, where, due to the changing expectations of management and staff find they are not up to their job role in relation to exhibiting more desirable and effective communication skills.


For further information please go to my courses on this website’s DEVELOP Page  As well as employing my lifelong skills developed in personal face to face training and professional speaking I look to the Enneagram and DISC in order to facilitate strategic planning for future growth and change in individuals, teams and groups.

This includes people who may find themselves in personal change such as a difficult situation at work or home. Some may be experiencing an overwhelming pang of disappointment, often times mixed with anger and frustration; they did everything required of them but it hasn’t worked. Others are standing still in grief and despair. Others are jaded. Many are wondering who they are and why they are here.

My answer is to approach change pro actively, and manage it effectively. Then, it can become the trigger to motivate us to grow and move forward. I especially love to help these people who are in change, to venture forth and test their entrepreneurial skills, to discover the future vision they harbour deep within themselves, and to help them bring it to fruition. To assist them in planning to take the necessary calculated risks and finally to run with it and enjoy its growth. This may involve exploring some new training, some learning new skills, together with strategic planning and the personal developing required to take the first steps into a new future.

If this is you, allow yourself the exhilaration of taking the plunge into the initial icy cold depths to find out what it takes to achieve success, to write your vision, to set achievable goals, and finally do some strategic planning for future growth.
Welcome to my TLDG website!


Feel free to drop me a line to say Hi and in 3 short sentences express the following:

  • What you do now
  • Your level of satisfaction with what you do now
  • What you believe is the key ingredient missing in what you do now
  • what you want to achieve in the future
  • How you think I may be able to help you achieve it.

Perhaps we may have crossed paths at some time somewhere on life’s journey.
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 – Patricia